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How to Weave in Ends to Finish Crochet Projects

Let's begin by saying I hate to sew.  For me crochet is peaceful and soothing, sewing is slave labor intensive.  I've found a way to finish my crochet project that doesn't feel like sewing, it is as enjoyable as the actual crocheting.

I start by leaving a 6" tail for each end that needs to be finished.  Referring to the picture below and using the big pink one on the far left for my I hook worsted weight DC projects.  Basket weave on the bottom of the wrong side of stitch over/under 7 across then turn and go back through the other side of each.  Snip ends.

Fun and easy.  You can choose to weave at the end of your project or as each tail becomes available.

Finishing needles:

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  1. That's a wonderful tip! I wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day. It's been such a pleasure working with Lee and Low on their diverse reader series and I appreciate your kind words! Best to you!


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