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Staining Floors Installing Stairwell and Glueing Walls Westville Dollhouse

Stairwell Wallpaper

Stained and Glued

With Liquitex glazing medium and a couple drops of brown acrylic paint I stained the floors. I made 1/2" lines on them before with pencil on the 2nd floor and sepia Pitt pen on the 1st floor. The final result is a pine bedroom area and darker living spaces. I wallpapered the wall where the staircase will go, easy as the angle cut paper from papering the stairs matched perfectly without cutting. Installed the stairs, the paint thickening the top made it a hard push, so glad I double glued the stairs! Afterwards I glued around the base of the walls. Weighting the 2nd floor down was the only way to secure the stairwell top.

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