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Getting Supplies Ready for the Westville Dollhouse

This picture shows the popped out walls /floors
I didn't get to those until Day Two

I gathered the following supplies: sanding block, nail files for small areas, wood glue for added tightness on joints, tack glue regular and fast grab for most of my glueing needs, glue gun with sticks for shingles & siding, gesso for priming, brushes and paint.

 Took a little time and sorted through my craft papers to find small patterns to use as wallpaper, hopefully I have enough...if not I will make additional copies on my HP printer.

 At the store I snuck in an easy cutter ($27 a little pricey) and skinny sticks for trim work down the line. I chose to come from my husbands "Snap On" point of's a tool therefore it is needed.

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