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Chronological Order in Sketchbooking Reshaping How I Draw

Going for a ride
It never occurred to me the damage chronological order in sketchbooking could have on my psyche. 

 Let's start by saying, "I love books for art."  The way it feels when I hold it, hug it, carry it from place to place. Much more committed than loose papers. Page flipping through past books showed me the progress I've made and how a bad page slows the desire to return. Entire weeks were skipped between a bad drawing and a new better one. As if somehow the only way I could return was with something strong to overcome the failure. 

My solution?  
I started with two artsy shopping treats for myself (total under $10)  A spiral bound sketch diary I really like to hold and a colorful multi-pack of pens that feel great in my hand.  I took them home and promised myself to keep them together as a set.  Any random page is flipped open on the sketch diary as the cover, always.  I get the desire to draw all the time. It calls to me in that way that every artist understands. It feels wonderful. 

I made a note inside the cover so no one thinks it is just a blank book, "Sketches are located throughout this book in random order, for the sake of having no beginning and no end."

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  1. 'Having no beginning and no end' I love that, great idea!


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