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Purple Priscilla Monster Amigurumi with Free Pattern

This is pretty purple Priscilla the monster her head and body look like two pieces but she is actually one with an indent to separate the two sections making her come together easy and fairly quick.

Feel free to create her and have fun!

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Purple Priscilla Monster
Sits at 5" tall

Two colors of #4 worsted yarn (colors A and B) 
Hook size H (5 mm) 
Your choice of eyes 
Tapestry or Large Sewing Needle

Body and Head
with color A
R1 6sc in magic ring tighten
R2 2sc in each (12)
R3 sc, 2sc in next, repeat (18)
R4 sc, sc, 2sc in next, repeat (24)
R5 sc, sc, sc, 2sc, repeat (30)
R6-14 sc even
R15 sc, sc, sc, sc2tog, repeat (24)
Rws 16-19 sc even
Row 20 sc, sc, sc2tog, repeat (18)
slst leaving length of yarn with sewing needle weave in and out of remaining 18 stictches pull closed finish off this will be head top

With 10" of color A yarn count down to row 14 weave in and out of the openings between each stitch and pull inward to create indent between head and body portion

Ears (make 2)
R1 4sc in magic ring tighten
R2 2sc, sc, repeat (6)
R3 2sc, sc, sc, repeat (8)

Legs and Arms (make 4)
R1 start with color B 4sc in magic ring tighten
R2 2sc in each around (8)
R3 sc even around
R4 slst and switch to color A, sc even
Row 5-10: sc even (6 rows)
finish off leaving length for sewing

Head Bow
R1 with color B, ch6 slst into first ch to make a loop
R2 ch3, 3tc into center of loop, ch3 sl st to finish leave length for sewing to top of head

Sew pieces together embroider face features and your

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