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Little Mouse Converted to Rat Size Amigurumi with Link to Pattern

It's no surprise to some of you that we have pet rats.  I made these faux pets for the girls to play with when they can't have the real ones out of the cage.  They were originally mouse patterns but I made them with an I size crochet hook so they are a healthy palm size like our rats.  I positioned the ears on the left like a fancy rat and the one on the right like a dumbo.  It's a rat love thing!  You can get a similar pattern for free here.

Rear: S'mores & Front: Tiny

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  1. Aww, your crochet rats are so cute. As are the real ones. Our kids had pet rats years ago (9) of them in all, but all in separate cages (just in case)!! I would get them out one at a time and have them on my shoulder whilst I did housework....yes really.


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