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Sea Turtle Kind of Day

The sky was clear and blue I searched hard to find even the slightest blemish, eventually a plane contrail went by.  Otherwise the only distraction from the sky were the glimmers of sunshine dancing on the leaves at the top of the slightly moving trees.  I drew these turtles while enjoying that moment.  Sea turtles, they're so majestic and at ease with themselves and their surroundings.  It's how I felt today.  It was a sea turtle kind of day.

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  1. Love your happy turtles - great color palette! Hope the good weather lasts for a bit!

  2. Mary, your sea turtles look blissful!

  3. Hi Mary! I too love sea turtles We have baby ones on the Sarasota beaches hatching nightly, right now. While in the Seychelles one time one of the boat crew brought one up to say hello! Then it bit me on the boob! :-)


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