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How to Live With a Cat Drawing

We used to live with cats back in the 90's and I do say live with and not owned. As anyone with felines know the cats rule their own lives and everyone elses around them. This was drawn in my Smashbook on a fun polka dot page and colored with Crayola watercolor markers. Playful and relaxing fun. Would you like to see any drawing how to's here? Maybe a step by step of a particular subject? Let me know with the contact form below.


  1. I live with cats now & you are SO right! Love your work :)

  2. Shared with Art Journal Every Day

  3. Love this colorful cat! I too am cat-owned. Thanks for sharing! --Sandy Leigh

  4. What wonderfully bright colors in your feline!

  5. The pose of you cat is very realistic and contrasts wonderfully with the magical colours. I've lived with cats and dogs in my time and was definitely at the bottom of the pile when I had cats.


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