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How To Draw With Your Eyes Closed

Similar to contour drawing where you follow an objects outer lines with your eyes this technique uses your non dominate hand to navigate for your dominate one.  If you can, try to use a large piece of paper.  Immediately when my eyes closed with the scissor drawing I had panic about where the paper edges were. If you don't have large paper I would suggest picking up the piece you do have and familiarizing yourself with the side edges (with closed eyes) this worked somewhat to help ease me.

*most important close your eyes
*don't rush take time to feel the object thoroughly before beginning use both hands if you want to but don't look at it
*use your fingers and trace the edges of the object with your non dominate hand while drawing simultaneously, relax, remind yourself that you are being guided
*keep the pen very low to the paper when you move from one space to another like the loops inside the scissors take the ink lightly from the paper not the pen
*with your eyes closed you will find that you are surprisingly sensitive and adept
*stop when you feel done and inspect your work

*pick objects with interesting shapes small enough to fit in your hand if possible
*keep your head level you may tend to want to tilt your face upward it seems to affect the concentration
*get up and walk away after your first drawing try to assess how you're feeling, for me it was a very unusual feeling similar to trying to take a breath in a room with little air
*try to find another object and draw at least two within a half hour of one another
*don't peek you're only cheating yourself from a more heightened experience

*could you turn off the lights and do it completely in the dark?
*switch hands and let your dominate hand control your non dominate hand?
*trace the object with your feet?

Interesting object to try drawing with your eyes closed

Some good paper size examples

I laid the scissors down while feeling them, very surprised at the likeness

I felt the pen upright on an angle and my drawing hand foreshortened it

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