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Playing with Plastic Animals Knick Knack Shelf

As a little girl I loved playing with plastic animals.  My eldest daughter didn't care much for them she was more of a fashion doll girl.  My other two may but I need to wait until our youngest gets past the choke fear age.  In the mean time I'm enjoying a little vignette of my own tucked away next to the computer.  They're entertaining to look at when I'm idle at the keyboard.  I actually went on eBay the other day looking at vintage plastic toys.  I came across a set I had, that gushing memory response is probably why the auction site does so well.  I curbed the urge to buy.  None of these* are from the past except the stuffed tiger and Breyer horse in the picture with the drawn by group member ATCs that I received in swaps, trimmed to share the shelves.  Off to take care of last minute classroom things that darn calendar I still need to tape the days on.  Tomorrow is orientation they haven't seen the room since the kinder upgrades were added.  I can't wait to see their faces.

*some animals have aided in one way or another in past art projects the squirrel, parrot and lamb

Altered ATCs created for me, Breyer horse and stuffed tiger

Dinosaurs, lizards and crustaceans from dollar store

Schleich animals from farm goods store

Safari Ltd Toobs from craft store

Shelf from Craigslist painted with cream latex paint

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  1. My kids love them too, though they aren't much fun to step on in the middle of the night which is when they usually turn up around our house! ;) I fixed the e-mail widget & put it on my sidebar -- thanks for the suggestion! xo


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