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Little Family Field Day Activities

The girls needed some outdoor adventures so I put together a fun little field day for us.  It was a little buggy but had I kept moving as much as Isabelle had I would have been fine.  From one event to the next as soon as something finished she was ready to try the next.  Aurora listened briefly to instructions and generally did her own thing but that's to be expected at this age.  Not having her sister's competition didn't dampen Isabelle's passion to do her best in the least bit.

"Waitress" running balls on a frisbee from one chair to another she was so fast

"Frisbee Ring Toss" throw frisbee into hoop Aurora threw hers at Isabelle's side

"Car Wash" filling a sponge in a bucket and running it to the cup

Aurora was more of a 'walk' it to the cup then she tried to drink it

They had no interest in listening to the 'How To' thankfully these were plastic

Time for free play with the bubbles...

...until the turkey showed up...see him above Aurora's right shoulder

His gobble gobble said it was time to head in for showers and snacks

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