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I changed the web address to this blog to but had no idea it would have this much of an impact on the visitor traffic or my life.  The main reason I needed to change the site is because the old domain was going into an automatic payment system.  I'm old fashioned and prefer to pay my own bills, blogspot is free and I figured since 'designs' always sounded like a logo creator I would move away from that as well.

Now I suddenly feel like I'm in the middle of a wasteland with no one in sight.  It's lonely.  I'm so distracted by what may have been a terrible mistake.  I invested so much time into building this blog it makes me sad.  I can't even get into any type of art projects.  Please tell me someone is still out there!  I want to be inspired to be creative again.  A little part inside feels like no one cares about me, I think it's the Inner Critic trying to kick me while I'm down.  That bitch.


  1. Mary I'm here and still lovin your art....I have signed up to automatically follow you. Now get back to creating all of the wonderful things that you do...Jeannie

  2. I'm here. Sorry you're feeling neglected. I'm sure it will pick back up. Your work is great and I enjoy your posts and artwork.

  3. I'm here Mary and checking blogs when I think to.. My bad I know. But I love you art Mary. You are a great inspiration to alot of people.

  4. So here you are! Glad I found you again.


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