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Home School Kindergarten Orientation Success

The girls loved the classroom.  I showed them the different stations and explained some of the new activities and experiences that we will be having with Kindergarten and 'Play' School for Aurora since she is only two.  Isabelle is an eager student and I have no doubt that we will sail through this year with ease.  Our school year is going to be May to May four days a week with a week off approximately every 5 to 6 weeks. Which usually falls conveniently on major holidays.  We opted for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as our work days.  The best part is we can take advantage of our favorite activities: library, shopping, bowling, mini golf, beach etc while the crowds aren't there during the weekdays.  Tonight when I got her ready for bed she told me with a big smile how much she loved her new kindergarten.  That felt so good.  The art was just a fun little throw together loosely based on vintage toys with spray acrylics, crayons and India ink.

Kooky critters

Aurora hamming the camera while decorating her sticker reward book

Isabelle so happy to be back in school

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  1. Your children are simply adorable! I love the look of excitement on their tiny faces. Sooo sweet. Thank you for sharing. I can definitely see why these moments qualify as your favorite thing!



  2. Your girls are beautiful, Mary. Good luck with school. Is this a new web address?

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  3. Love your new look Mary! Your Kooky Critters are so fun and I love the lettering in the background. Aurora and Isabelle are darling. Happy weekend!

  4. What cuties. You'll love continuing to help your kids learn. It's so much fun! Mines 17 and we still have fun. Well, Chemistry isn't so much fun! Love your kooky critters.

  5. Sweet artwork and adorable girls!! Oh how we worry as mothers!! It never ends even when they are

    Hugs Giggles

  6. fab drawing and those shining faces do look as though they are having fun...xx

  7. Contests on Home School Kindergarten. Glad to hear one of your faves is the library. Mine too!

  8. Love your crazy kritters - especially the lustre you have given them.
    And of course the children are very cute:)
    Thank you for sharing with Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  9. beautiful girls and love your artwork this week. How brave you are to home school!

  10. Adorable girls! Your kindergarden space looks inspiring and fun.

  11. very nice post ! Have a great week

  12. Your little students are adorable :) and their school year sounds wonderful! Wishing you all lots of fun adventures.

  13. The toys are having a party! Fun drawing! It's nice to have the kids at home- they learn so much by having the time to freely explore and play. Enjoy!

  14. Wonderful crazy critters and amazing cuties for girls, they look so happy...xox

  15. These are the most precious little people! I love how organized you are!!!! The art at the top is amazing. I was drawn to the purple right off. it is subtle but so beautiful and I love your lettering within as well. Just powerful and intense. Good composition. Wow, what a mommy! Lovies, Samara


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