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Fancy Dumbo Rat Cage Tour, Toys, Tips and Ideas

Who would have thought owning rats could be so much fun? Two fancy rats; S'mores came to live with us in March, a month later we brought home Sam and finally Harper the dumbo rat.  After much trial we settled on a second hand Ferret Nation cage adapted with 1/2" wire to keep the critters in.  The branches are aged from our Sandy hurricane limb pile and hooked onto the cage with cup hooks.  The shelves were ALT re-used and hung by home store chain.  With the cage opening swinging wide on both sides clean up is as simple as dumping the litter pan (you read correct, all three fully potty trained within 2 days) and a quick baby wipe clean up = no odor!  A good thing since they reside in our living room.  I finished up the cage with some bird hanging toys and chewing objects as rats love to chew and I'd rather see them enjoy a good toy then the shelves and liner.

From left to right Sam, S'mores and Harper
S'mores in a dog crate bowl attached to the door they love to sleep in these.
Harper playing on one of the tree branches
The entire cage including cage toys/treats and storage at the bottom


  1. Oh they are so cute.OMG if I had them in my house with 6 cats nope no way. I love rats and mice. And all creatures. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Maybe it's growing up country, as they say, but it's hard for me to wrap my brain around rodents as pets. They are kind of cute though. I think I remember a sketch of S'mores not to long ago.


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