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Draw Something Bubbly

05-01-2013 Every Day in May has kicked off; I'm using the 31 prompts as an opportunity to play with quick sketching as a loose capture of the moment, the wonkier the better!  Here is my can of something bubbly.  Beautiful weather in the upper 60's with a light breeze caressing my neck, "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" playing on the radio not a big country music fan but if it were happy hour this would be my drink of choice.

Every Day in May Drawing List

1. Draw something bubbly
2. Draw a favorite sound
3. Draw something that represents joy
4. Draw your socks
5. Draw a pine or fir tree or eucalyptus
6. Draw perfume or a scented product
7. Draw something you got for free
8. Draw a coffeepot
9. Draw a lock
10. Draw something creepy
11. Draw some gloves
12. Draw the oldest thing in your refrigerator
13. Draw a pillow
14. Draw a figurine you have.
15. Draw a pencil, your favorite if you like.
16. Draw something that scares you
17. Draw something from a first aid kit
18. Draw the palm of your left hand
19. Draw something that belongs to someone else
20. Draw your favorite drink
21. Draw the last thing you bought
22. Draw a map
23. Draw a summer joy
24. Draw something that makes you laugh
25. Draw a tote bag
26. Draw a screw
27. Draw something sticky
28. Draw a jug or pitcher
29. Draw something from a pet's point of view
30. Draw the inside of your closet
31. Draw a houseplant

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  1. Thats a good bubbly for happy hour : ) Fun sketch!! Happy May!

  2. Love coco cola! It's my favorite soda, this is a cute drawing Mary.

  3. I stopped drinking coke a while ago...but this makes me crave for some ^^


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