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Mermaid Beach, Skull Found in Desert, Silk Where it Really Comes From Draw Journal

Imagine this: the girls are happily playing in the bedroom together.  I sneak off, tip toeing..I've got a plan.  Just in the other room I'm going to get my drawing journal it's going to be good.  The time is right the chores are done, the kids don't need me.  It's perfect.  Down the stairs...into my office, snatching it and a pen, no markers or pencils nothing else, there will probably be no time for all that jazz. I slink silently up the stairs.  I've almost made it to the comfy spot on the couch when out of no a bomb explosion behind me..."Can we have a snack now....I'm thirsty...."  Foiled.  Until next time drawing journal, next time.

Some other pages from my Drawing Journal:
Dancing Shoe on Foot, Feather Duster on Standby, Smelly Dead Cat
Steampunk Monocle, Spider Looking at You, Inside Achilles' Heel

A Sword

A Frown


The Sahara

Shared with Sunday Sketches


  1. How come the candy looks the most inviting?! You are doing well to get any drawings done with little one around.

  2. LOL! My college age daughter recently sent us a picture of a web diagram with multiple requests for mom such as the ones you posted. Under that web was a simple web for dad with only one question, "where's mom?" I'm glad you were able to get some "me" time to work on your beautiful sketches. Blessings!

  3. Wonderful sketches, Mary. I LOVE your mermaid and your candy makes me hungry!! :)

  4. Your mermaid drawing is so pretty! It can be hard sometimes to squeeze in sketching even without kids, with kids, well kudos to you!

  5. Loving your journal pages! So many wonderful themes and directions!

  6. Been there! :) Lovely drawings, delicate and well done! My favorites are the silk worm and the skull! <3

  7. Wow, you've been the mermaid tail... :)

  8. I can't believe how much you have gotten done... very taken with the silk worm... I loved my silk worms... until my brother tried to feed them to his penny turtle... they were never the same after that... sorry I am late getting here this week.... have no clue where the time has gone...xx


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