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Crayola Markers You Can Use Like Watercolor Paint

Did you know you can get really bright marker color with a watercolor paint gradation?  Lay down your marker color then wet it with a brush wait a few seconds start gently moving your color around.  This happens best with Crayola brand I've tried other popular names at this price point and they never stacked up to the pigment quality of these markers.  Every style from broad to fine point will do except the scented ones.  I believe the essential oils they use make the color adhere too strongly to the paper.

Speaking of paper, the best kind to use would be a smooth card stock that you can push the color around a bit on.  The best way to lay your color is one color at a time go over it with your brush then grab the next color.  The longer the marker sits on the paper the more stubborn it is to move especially purple.  Although I haven't done too many tests on timed lay downs I prefer to kind of dance around the paper not fast but not too slow either.  Play with it.  You can get a feel over time what is best for you.
Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones, just make them Crayola

Initial experiments on what could be layered and how heavy I could lay it down

Two different borders on facing pages with example of stubborn purple 

Better purple-color around the edge then wet and pushed into the white center

Circles turned into flowers by lifting color from the center and brushing outward

Light and dark in different areas can add depth and dimensional interest

Smoothing two colors together can form a pretty rainbow 


  1. Thanks. I'll have to try this. It really came out with some amazing color.

  2. I never knew you could do that with crayola's. Very effective technique, thanks for sharing :)

  3. this is wonderful...thank you for sharing these great tips.

  4. Very nice! I enjoy this technique.

  5. Your work looks really nice.

  6. great tips and tutorial! I think I'm gonna get my wife a set :)

  7. Very cool! I did know this actually, since i've been experimenting a little with markers that are watersoluble (you know, that wash out of clothes and stuff), but you make some beautiful things with it, so it's very inspirational anyway!


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