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Crayola Crayons Smooth Color Palette Saturation

We're going to play with crayons tonight...not the kids...we adults.  But first, it's been a really successful home school experience!  Isabelle did a great job learning her Preschool skills.  We've opted to teach through the summer and begin Kindergarten after a short break.  I'm a strong believer in year round education.  No one should have to take a mandatory 67 day break from something they love doing.  While getting the classroom ready I updated her worn out crayons and stopped for a moment to enjoy the scent of the freshly opened box.  Intoxicating.  I just had to play with my own when I was done.

Did you know you can get a really smooth, clean, vibrant color from crayons without pressing hard?  Many adults hate the graininess of a crayon straight on paper with the little white bits showing through.  It's easy to remedy.  Just lightly treat the area you want to color with some 70% ethyl alcohol sold at most pharmacies.  This also works with colored pencils.  With the colored pencils you need to color your object lightly first then blend in over.  No heavy hands needed.  Hope you enjoy trying these tricks and remember to take a little sniff to take your heart back to more innocent days of fun!

Everyone should have at least a few crayons around

Making swatch pages in advance creates ease while matching colors

Copic swatches matched up to Crayola Crayons - who says we need expensive supplies?

Plain white printer paper - top row straight crayon - bottom row alcohol prepped 

Home school classroom still need to finish adding days to the calendar


  1. Thanks for the tip Mary, I have a big box of crayons and I just love them but haven't gotten them out in awhile, I'll have to do that and play.

  2. What a great idea.And yes opening a new box of Crayons is intoxicating. I went over to my grandson new box and had to open it it does bring back your childhood days of your first day in school. My grandson is older know but still love to play with crayons.

  3. The crayons do bring such memories. The classroom is so inviting. Have fun!


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