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Art Books I'm Currently Reading Traveling in my Canvas Bag

When I read my art books I prefer to mentally nibble a little at a time from a few different sources in one sitting.  Kind of like a trail mix for my artistic soul.  This way I'm not swayed too heavily by one particular artistic point of view.  These are the books that I am currently tucking into my canvas bag, slinging over my shoulder and traveling with; that's the other thing I love picking different cozy spaces throughout our home and yard to enjoy my books.  It's the full experience. Comment and share any great art books that you're currently reading or read in the past.  Thanks!

In response to Google's discontinuation of Reader I've added a few convenient ways to follow and receive updates in the far right column.  My favorite blog reader that I use daily, besides direct email, is Feedly and I've added their cute little green follow button as well.

Usually between 4 and 5 books will be with me at any given time

Walking in This World - Julia Cameron a follow up to The Artist's Way

An Illustrated Life - Danny Gregory peaking into the minds of 50 top illustrators

Mixed Media Girls - Suzi Blu NJ Girl popular for her videos on Suziblutube


  1. Wow!!! Mary! Your blog looks amazing!!!! You are going to have to give me some tips on how to do this! Love it!

  2. Love the new look, very clever!

  3. The blog looks great, and the books inspiring! Thanks for sharing them - I hadn't heard of many of them so it's really helpful. And I love the notion of the artistic 'trail mix' - great idea :)

  4. I had no idea Julia Cameron had a follow up book. Thanks so much, Blessings, Janet

  5. I do the same thing. I drag books all over the house, yard and car with me. Yes, I even have to have my tote in the car. You never know when you might be sitting in the car for a few extra minutes.

  6. Hi Mary, I wondered where you had gone! Thanks for letting us know that you have this Blog...I'll be adding it to my Blog List in my sidebar. Are you going to add Google Followers?...I see you have the Google + icon, although I don't do the G Plus myself. (if you didn't know the original Google Followers gadget is in Layout/Add a gadget/More gadgets (bottom of that first page). .....ann :)

  7. Ohhh I want Suzi Blu's book - it is on my list!! I am a bibliophile first, artist second, so I have SO many books - but I love them all :)
    Beautiful blog ~

  8. Hi, Mary
    Got your message on my comments today on my blog about the link to your blog here. I had to use Google to find you. Yahoo was being a pain. I have the Suzi Blu 'Mixed Media Girls' and love it! There are a lot of great artists in N.J....Kecia Delany, and Daryle Cook and you too! (both are in 'the trodden path' ning site. Are you there too? I am in that ning group also and have it listed on my sidebar where 'Cloth and Clay doll ning' is listed which is now in 'the trodden path'. Great place to be!
    Teresa Swanson my full name in case you want to look me up in 'the trodden path' it's free to join. I always forget who is a member! You're probably there too!


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