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Backyard Shed Space for Art Cottage

For the post yesterday I received two requests regarding the art cottage.

Head Krazy said...
Sounds lovely, will you post pictures of your little art nest?

aimee said...
I'm with Head Krazy... I hope you'll post pics! Good luck with the installation!

Here are the walk through photos of the initial build.  It is a Handy Home Kit Princeton Edition 10 x 10 it took my husband two days with minimal assistance from his friend.  Today painting the exterior took two hours for myself and eldest daughter.


Rear Wall

Front Entry

Side Wall 

Second Side Wall and Roof Boards

Front Doors and Shingles

Paint Heritage Cream (left kit color)

Also Debbie said...
I love the idea of an art cottage. I've thought about getting one of those sheds, but I'm not sure if I want to be away from the rest of the family like that. But then again, what am I saying?? :) Your lily is so transparent and beautiful.

I'm not really away from the family.  What I enjoy best about the space is being able to open up the big doors and use the space while the girls play in the back yard.  It's guilt free because they are getting fresh air and sunshine.

Hope you enjoyed the walk through; I'll share more of the decorating process as I get the photos.  Thanks for your comments!


  1. You will so enjoy having "a room of one's own" and make it a special place to paint in! I have had my garden potting shed for many years and use it constantly for many things. I stenciled the floor when it was new, and decorated the walls - and now the ivy and other climbers have decorated the exterior walls - I love it!

    Happy weekend - visiting you from Claudia's A Favorite Thing.

    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

  2. Oh Mary, I can see so many wonderful things being created in your little cottage! Can't wait to see what you do with the inside!!!!

  3. I have wanted a "shedteau" for an art space for quite a while now but I live in Illinois and I'm afraid I'll only be able to some of the year. Living in NJ you probably have the same weather concerns I do...are you planning on using it year round? How do you plan to keep warm in the winter? And I think if I have to trudge through snow to get to my space I'm likely to just say "forget it".

  4. I think it sounds heavenly. We have a shed but it isn't for art or creating. Maybe it's time for another shed?

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  5. Oh how perfect and exiting for you! A wonderful place to escape and be creative.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. This is so exciting! I love a space of my own. You will have so much fun out there. I have a photographer friend who had a small house built as a studio for her work. It is adorable!

  7. What a wonderful concept - mom arts and kids are free to play!

  8. What a dream that will be...


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