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Art Cottage Interior Decor, Back Door and Decks

Photos of the cottage interior decor set up.  A back door and a sitting deck were great additions to the cottage making it feel more cozy and accessible to the girls rear play area. My plan on warm days is to open the front and back for cross ventilation.  I hung canopy screens above the double doors to block out bugs and a screen can be inserted into the back door as soon as I figure out where we put it in winter storage.  The rear deck I imagine sitting on when the heat is unbearable and the trees are in full shade.  The small front deck is perfect for chilly times to sit in the sun, still had a couple of those this week.  Peaceful and quiet, this space beckons to me often throughout the day.  Here's a link to the walk through pictures of the initial build for anyone who may be interested.

Interior Decor

Front Entry and Small Deck

Rear Deck

A great reminder above the double doors

In response to Dawn Jones said...
I have wanted a "shedteau" for an art space for quite a while now but I live in Illinois and I'm afraid I'll only be able to some of the year. Living in NJ you probably have the same weather concerns I do...are you planning on using it year round? How do you plan to keep warm in the winter? And I think if I have to trudge through snow to get to my space I'm likely to just say "forget it".

Adorable name "shedteau" you're right the weather does have extreme hots and colds.  My husband has already suggested running electric out to it but I'm dragging my feet at this point kind of enjoying the disconnected feeling.  Your right though, I think summer will be fine since we live near the water and get the sea breezes but winter...snow...I'll probably opt for the home office art space during those times!


  1. Love your shedteau. What a great space away from the main house to retreat, it looks so cosy :)

  2. It's soooo beautiful Mary!! I am in love with your cottage!!!!

  3. It's wonderful Mary! You're a lucky girl!

  4. I love your little studio. I have a little caravan (stationary and recycled) that I want to turn into another little creative space.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Also, thank for visiting my blog and your kind comment.



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