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Rainy Day Coming Elephant and C is for Creativity

This evening I was hanging out with my girls at the kitchen table.  They coloring and myself drawing.  I couldn't see myself coloring in one of their books however as an artist to draw the objects then color is just fine.  You see my logic here right?  So now I have this character in my pocket size kitchen Moleskine.  Going along with the theme of A to Z of Me I finished my C is for Creative page.  The D.A.R.E. was Evel Knievel formula for success and it seemed to flow well with my page theme.  It's the only Smash book page I could use Copic markers on without fear of bleed through since the page behind was black.

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  1. Beautiful artwork. You can always gesso your pages first then no worries with bleed through... :)

  2. Adorable creation! and lovely lettering ~ ^_^

  3. it's so darn cute. I like the visual of an elephant, well, any creature carrying an umbrella

    have a great day.

  4. both pieces are lovely. The creativity page is, well, creative! Very nice color. Thanks for participating and have a great week.

  5. Visiting from the APR - these are both beautiful, but the elephant sooo cUte!! :0) Mo

  6. The elephant is sweet and I love what you've done with the letters. I usually just gesso the pages if I use stuff that would bleed through.

  7. I like your little elephant drawing and I am guessing your circles and words are your "treasures" to go with the theme?

  8. Cute image of the elephant, and i do like your script style. And perhaps as Gloria says the words in circles are your treasures for the APR challenge.

  9. That elephant is adorable. I just want to hug him! Wonderful verse to go with the creativity page.

  10. I love your cute little elephant and your words are fab. I've finally ordered a Moleskin, I can't wait to play with it but I'm still waiting for the postman. I'll enjoy looking at yours instead.

  11. cute ellie and interesting project.

  12. Both pieces of artwork are so delightful. I'm struggling trying to fit everything in and missed last weeks theme but I've enjoyed seeing your entry.
    The 'ephalump' is adorable!
    Have a great week and maybe I'll see you next week in the APR. :D


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