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Possibilities, Qualities and Responsibilities

 Have you ever just had to do something?  I've started this adventure through the alphabet and darn it I'm going to see it through.  Here are P for Possibilities, Q for Qualities and R for Responsibilities.  It's given me interesting starting points for regular journal writing and taught me that patterned paper can be a pain to work with.  Down right annoying when I did the writing for P nothing showed up very well.  Probably should go back over with a white gel pen.  If you'd like to participate the page is A to Z of Me and you can add your creations to the link up until the end of March.  The other pages I've made are here eight left to go, well past the half way point.


  1. This is a very cool challenge - I'm glad you're sticking with it...
    (Your humor page made me chuckle - great quality!)


  2. Great pages :) I like how the words flowed on them


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