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K is for Kindness

03-14-2013 The A to Z of Me has distracted me to the point that I didn't even get to a mixed media painting this week.  I'm a little dry on ideas anyway.  I'm hoping something will come along this week to cultivate more creativity.  Do you have any special rituals or behaviors that you enjoy doing to recover your sense of artistic wonder?

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  1. Really like this one Mary, I love that you highlighted YOU. Awesome page!!

  2. I've been enjoying your alphabet! Sometimes you just need a break. When I get stuck I like to take field trips. Sometimes just a walk will do the trick. But sometimes I need to go somewhere just to wander, with no agenda. A change of scene can do wonders.

  3. Love your lettering and doodling, quite an emotive topic there - LOL.
    If I lose my mojo I tend to tidy up and sort out stuff until it comes back. BJ


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