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Daffodil Watercolor Painting Art Cottage Joy

After having a fun home school Easter party with the girls we spent a lovely part of the morning enjoying sunshine.  My husband was hard at work in the new 10 x 10 shed he is constructing.  Some of you may remember in October that I reorganized the shed to have a space to use separate from the house for artsy fun but the idea was quickly shunned by him and dropped.  He made up for it with this building which I will be transforming over time into an art cottage.  I'm beside myself with enthusiasm.  The girls and I went to the store and bought lilies for the cottage to have a front garden.  Lovely Oriental Stargazers and Commander in Chiefs, the girls found strawberry plants they will be growing this summer too.   We have daffodils in full bloom out front so it's easy to get into the gardening spirit.  Here is the finished daffodil watercolor painting that I started last week of those plants when they first started to blossom they're much fuller now.  Isn't spring great?

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  1. Love your painting - the art cottage sounds like it will be wonderful!
    Thanks for joining in this week.


  2. Daffodils are the best! Love your painting!

  3. Lovely. So wonderful that you will have your own space for art. Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Great colors! Happy Easter! Visiting from MHC.

  5. Great job! Wishing you a very Happy Easter.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. March is a little slower at our Ontario home and I am impatiently waiting for more signs of spring.


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