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Abstract Watercolor Painting

Brighter in real life than in this scan this watercolor and India ink painting is slightly larger than A4.  I didn't know what to name it I thought of all kinds of things but really it was a practice in emotion and movement.  I signed it just so we all would know which way is up in ten years.  Would that be best to continue doing in the future or is abstract more fun left to the viewers choice of positioning?

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  1. Love it, it's interesting with beautiful colors! <3

  2. Sometimes a piece without a title is just the ticket, it leaves it to imagination and its fun to hear what others think and how they see it. I like the colours, and the lines are great fun.

  3. I agree! A title becomes part of the piece so one must be careful!

  4. Difficult question! I'm happy I don't paint abstract so I don't have to worry about that ;-) I like it when paintings have titles, but again, with abstract I guess it's more difficult. I like the contrast of the stark dark lines with the soft colours.

  5. It certainly leaves me wondering where you got inspiration from for this painting!. The fuzzy lines remind me of when you try to video something in motion

  6. Hmm not sure how to answer, but you did have me turning my head to look at your painting different ways. I like it the way yuo have it. Nice abstract!

  7. Some people like abstracts to have a title - just so they know the inspiration for it. I think it's fine either way - maybe just Abstract #1 or whatever! HPPF

  8. Very pretty!

    I deliberately don't sign the front of abstracts so I change them around as to which was is up.

  9. really pretty. I agree with Eva - rotation!!

  10. Beautiful colors! I love abstracts and sign mine somewhere discrete so I can hang them in all different directions to change things up!! I love having four separate painting visuals in one painting!!

    Hugs Giggles


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