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Zentangle Alphabet J K L

I finally finished off the last of the twenty six letters for the Zentangle Alphabet.  Lots of hours and almost a year later it feels good to be done.  Each letter is unique and a piece of art in and of itself.

What works for me for List It Tuesday
1. Writing when I first get up in the morning just anything to dump the useless crap stuck in my head
2. Listening to my husband more and talking 'at him' less
3. Taking the time to play with the kids instead of just being a Mom that is all work and no fun
4. Being open minded to possibilities that I am led by a higher power for a better life
5. Drawing every night even if it's only loosey goosey just to keep the pen moving


  1. I reall love zentangle and I just love these Mary, very cool.

  2. Awesome list! I am so on board with everything you listed....great job on the zenletters!

  3. I always loved zentangles, but don't think I was ever patient enough to get really into it! Good to have a goal, like the alphabet! {:-D

  4. Love the zentangles!
    Writing first thing in the morning has been a tremendous help to me as well. Did you do the Artists Way?
    great list!

  5. I like your zentangle letters! AND I love your #4! Actually the whole list is super!

  6. Hi Mary, I'm also into Zentangling. Yours have color which I haven't attempted yet. I love the basic black and white designs.....

    I love Zentangling so much I contemplated become a certified Zentangle instructor. Have you thought about it too?

  7. Such cool letters! And, what a feeling of accomplishment you must have! #2 on your list is one I'm working on as well.

  8. The zentangles are sooo cool.

    I love doing morning pages and doing a dump of my brain. Thank you for the reminder.

    Openminded about possibilities .... yes, please!

    And the fun mom part is the stuff they'll remember for the rest of their lives. Well done!


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