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Would Have Been Better in a Song Meditative Doodle

Sometimes our minds think the same way we surf the net.  Furiously looking for answers to unanswerable questions.  The moments of void being immediately recognized and snatched back up by deep thought again.  "Clicking" from subject to subject not really finding any sense of direction or peace.  It would have been nice to have that sense of peace and quiet mental void with this doodle tonight.  Maybe that's not where I need to be right now.

Things Used for Unintended Purposes List It Tuesday
1. A large mayonaise jar lid to make hamburger patties on the very rare times that I don't have frozen
2. In my art space three utility storage bin racks for my markers, pens, watercolor pencils and colored pencils
3. A flower pot that came with flowers that I received as a gift and use it for scrap paper and pens
4. A hanging shoe rack in our utility closet to store the girls coloring books and games
5. Curtain hooks to hang our body scrubs in the shower


  1. It's a great doodle! And I can totally relate. Sometimes the answers are just as jumbled. Hope you have a good week :)

  2. This is beautiful Mary, I really love the colors!!

  3. it's wonderful! would make a great gift wrap or fabric. love the color palette!

  4. those hanging shoe racks are the best!! just reminded me that we use ours for stuffed animals!

  5. those hanging shoe racks are so handy! I need to get one of those, for paper! Fun mix of outlines and color. {:-Deb

  6. Love the doodle, and the colors are just what my winter-weary heart needed.

  7. I like that idea about the mayo lid! GREAT idea!
    Your doodle/sketch is gorgeous, I love the colors!Pink and lime green are wonderful!

  8. I love the hanging shoe rack idea! So smart. And your drawing is lovely.


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