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Read a Public Library Book Receive Free Knowledge

We went to the city library the other day and were told that they were now charging as much as $50 a year to borrow books.  I was angry and sad.  Memories flooded back of the tiny library of my childhood, Mom could take me there without becoming anxious about not having enough money for what I wanted.  A place where everyone could go and grab an arm full of adventures with the honor system of being nice, treating them right and returning them on time.  Lucky for me they pointed my two girls and I in the direction of the still free county library.  If having all that cd, dvd, ebook and computer technology meant charging fees and no longer giving free knowledge then they should have stopped.    Free public libraries with books made of paper, it's a time honored tradition that deserves to be respected and continued.

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  1. awwww that's just so sweet. I'm betting any child would love this as a prezzie. thanks for entering.

  2. I totally totally couldn't agree more. It is so important to provide books for people (especially those who can't afford fancy ereaders and computers). I love your illustration to go with it. :-)

  3. Your bookmark is just so sweet! Free libraries are the backbone of many a child's love of adventures and the knowledge acquired by those that can't afford computers or to buy their own copies. It would be a most sad day indeed if libraries were to charge fees.
    And after all, what would we do with our carefully made bookmarks? :0) Mo

  4. I love the tangle of octopus arms! I hope the library fees are not a new trend. I would be lost without our library!!

  5. I love this, Mary, and I LOVE your sentiments regarding the library. I am totally enamoured of my city library and the county library, too. I get audiobooks, Kindle books, and still, Now and again, regular book-books and I would BE so sad to have to pay a fee. there is a World to BE discovered in the library and may it always BE so...

  6. I love your bookmark and the illustration of the intertwining figures, mother and child I would think. My mother would always read a book after I had read it, our favourite being 'I Capture the Castle' by Dodie Smith, and we would discuss the book and the ideas it brought to mind. A special kind of closeness. Now my husband and I always read the same book, and have interesting discussions which highlight different aspects each has noticed.
    Yes, so sad about libraries. I suppost charging an annual fee is one way, though I think introducing technology and the subsequent noise spoilt the mandatory silence that I loved. Here in England libraries (and swimming pools, and sports centres, and anything else essential to a happy life) are being closed daily, in spite of protests. So sad.
    Surprising how much can result from your unusual bookmark!

  7. I can understand why you were upset. City Libraries should be a source of knowledge for its citizens, regardless of their socio-economic status. Blessings!

  8. That is such a sad turn of affairs regarding having to pay to use a library... we have great libraries, and many schools also open the libraries to the whole school community as well... not to mention we have a mobile library service that acts with meals on wheels to make sure that people who are house bound get books... so grateful that our system is so generous...
    on a brighter note love the illustration...xx

  9. Wow! I have not heard of libraries charging before, except late return fees! You are right, they are probably charging for everyone else who are never returning movies and music. But I firmly believe that only the wrong-doers should pay, not the rest of us! I love your drawing/painting.

  10. I've never heard of charging for a public library before. Electronic resources are no excuse, either, as ours has both in various formats and forms.

    I do love your octopi bookmark!


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