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On the Other Side of Sick

Sickness is like kryptonite to a Mom like me.  It's a huge responsibility to stay healthy, I've been fortunate to dodge a lot of bugs when the girls were sick.  Now my husband has it, laying in the bed next to me at night.  Oh and he's vomited a few times, "Oh no" No.  No, no, please no don't let me catch this.  As Mom and Wife there is no one to hold my hair when I puke and if I were to puke anywhere but the toilet forget it that will probably be there for me to clean when I get well again.  Crusted up and dried for me to scrape up.  I dread the thought of ever being on the other side of sick.  These are the things of my nightmares.  So here I drew my daughters cute little ladybug craft from homeschooling letter L to get my mind off the dreadful thoughts of the last couple days.

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