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Morning Coffee Favorite Mug Art Journal Spread

02-20-2013 I start my day, every day, with a cup of coffee.  It's been this way for at least fifteen years, can't imagine it any other way.  I just love the aroma as it's brewing and the first sip how it warms my throat as it goes down.  We treated ourselves to a fancy single cup maker, the pleasure of looking forward to that daily treat is such a wonderful pleasure.  I like how the edges look like the fog that is our eyesight when we first wake in the morning on the left and the welcoming glow of the warm coffee as the frame firms up on the right.  Smash sketchbook I chose an interesting pattern on the left, writing my list of tried and true coffees/drawing my favorite mug on the right, then washed the pages with three shades of watercolor, stamped the left hand quote, added rub ons, white pen and finished up with  ink pens.

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  1. Mary, I love this page. Love my coffee, too. Coffee just tastes better in the favorite cup!

  2. Fantastic!!!! I wish I enjoyed coffee.

  3. I have a senseo machine that brews single cups, and I love it!! I absolutely hate brewing a "pot" of coffee! I never finish the dang thing. Unless it's the weekend, then husband and I both tackle the thing! Haha.

  4. Mary, I always enjoy your pages...

  5. I really like this page! How wonderful to memorialize something as simple and yet profound as a morning cup of coffee!

  6. Love your page, the golden tones are gorgeous! I too love my coffee although I wait for my 3 boys to get off to school so I can enjoy it in peace and quiet. Thanks for sharing your process!


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