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Keeping an Eye on the Don't Knows

When I draw the things that Isabelle has created during school I think about what she may have been thinking and feeling as she was creating.  She has a lot of fun making her alphabet zoo animals come to life.  We'll be reviewing the vowels she learned during the last three weeks.  I'll be interested to see if she is recalling them with ease.  While she was playing today she put the numbers in order and was saying them to herself.  When left to her own devices she seems to have no trouble recalling letters and numbers.  However if she feels put on the spot she freezes up, I can see the change in her eyes and, "I don't know" is her easy out.  How many times have we all done that when under pressure?

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  1. I have stopped using I don't know as much these days. I have been listening to Jillian Michaels podcast and she blasts her callers for using I dont know + says that it is a cop out that you do know! Anyway I am not sure if that applies to your daughter, (probably not!) but I thought I'd share!! ; ) x

  2. Hey Mary, I just realised that you're a fellow homeschooling Mum! How cool. I hang out at Hip Homeschool Hop on Tuesdays. :-)

    BTW, just to let you know that I've given your art blog a Liebster Award. The details are on my art blog. Have a great week ahead!


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