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Draw a Teacup

Calling for massive snow in most everywhere in the Northeast as Nemo barrels through the area.  Being on the far south of this could be good or bad as a lot of wind usually bites along the edges of these kinds of storms.  I can't complain seeing as the most recent information is tagging 30 inches at the farthest northern parts of this beast.  Oh yeah this is an art blog...I drew this tea cup.  Wow seems little and insignificant now doesn't it?  Actually it perches high atop the shelf in our living room in one of the proudest locations.

EDM 290


  1. Lovely to get lost in this delicate tea cup while undoubtedly worrying about this anything than humble storm! I hope you fared well!

  2. LOVE this teacup!! Very pretty.

    Our snowstorm just finished over here (Ottawa Canada), it was ginourmous. But sunny today! Looks kind of pretty with all the white snow :)

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Hope you are all well, Mary.

    Have a good weekend!


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