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Draw Something That Represents a Hobby You Love

The first week of homeschooling went well I was torn between giving her as much as she craved and taking it easy on her.  She is no doubt a give me more kind of kid I just want to make sure to pace it in a way that she retains the knowledge.  With all the school planning this week there hasn't been much time for "me" projects.  I'm hoping as the scheduling becomes more habit it will return.  I did get this one every day object drawn as I sat down at my desk moping that I hadn't drawn in a while I picked up a pen and just did it.  Life is funny like that, action gets more completed than thought alone ever will.

EDM 214


  1. Homeschooling is a bit easier once the scheduling becomes a habit - although it took me a while to get a good one in place. You could always have an art time, and while your daughter is working on her project, you could work on yours. :-)

  2. I really like it! Very nicely done assortment of supplies. And yellow green is totally the best. I seem to add it to my teeny art cards quite a lot. :)


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