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Draw Something Orange

I went overboard with this one.  I asked my daughter to find some orange toys for me to draw I then took what she brought me and stacked them, snapped a picture and drew.  One looking at the photograph upside down and then another looking at it right side up.  The thing on the horses head is a toy tangerine.  Both with a max of five minutes including color the goal was to avoid the over think bug and just go with the flow.  Later that morning my husband walked in with his yearly Valentine's Day offering of roses I love it but I act nonchalant I'm a turd like that.  I don't want him to think I'm too won over by the act, but I usually am.  After he sets them on the counter and walks away I look and realize those too are orange.  Something new to draw, oh yeah!  Two, two, two drawings in one.

EDM 296 Times Two

EDM 296

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  1. Love the roses and the toys are fun!

  2. Well your roses are beautiful! Impressive that you did those other drawings in 5 minutes.

  3. Vey nice drawings:) I wish I can!


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