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Creating a Relationship with My Sketchbook

02-17-2013 Any artist will tell you there is a desire to create a certain kind of relationship with your sketchbook.  It's got to be a place of sanctuary where you come to lay your weary head, a place of joy where you jump up and down and share your gleeful moments, it's that and much more.  So when it came time to start a new freestyle book for myself I wanted that relationship to click from the start.  This cover began with a brown Mod Smash Book sketchbook.  Doodling the background (you can see it the most around the edges) covering it with a gesso wash, acrylic sprays, oil pastels, alcohol ink, India ink and finally adding stamp and rub on text.

Original Art

With Text Added


  1. Mary I love these, you are so right about the relation ship with our sketchbooks! It is where we can be honest with ourselves.

  2. That's beautiful. I also really like the quote about the whole box of crayons. It's perfect for a sketchbook.

  3. Beautiful pages! :) Love all the colors

  4. This is lovely. That quote is perfect for a journal.


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