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Big Winner Monopoly Piece Successful Chic

I made a shout out post last week asking blog followers to contact me with an idea for something to draw...specifically asking, "What am I going to draw?" here is the response that I was waiting for it came from Kirstin McCulloch, "Mary this is such an awesome idea! So i am watching the morning news here in oz, and they have a article on monopoly and they have decided the iron has to go + its being replaced by the cat, so my suggestion is that you should draw a monopoly piece that you would love to use.... X"   Well Kirstin here she is, even playing this game during fifth grade I never understood how a dog and boot could be multi millionaires.  Any other suggestions for things to draw always feel free to leave them in the comment section.  Have a great night!


  1. GOOD one!! I like that idea of drawing a game piece!

  2. Mary i love this piece! I never understood what an iron had to do with the game either! X


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