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Spread a Little Love Today

Have you ever asked yourself, "What do I want more of in my life?"  I meditated upon that.  I learned that in my life it's just a need for continuation.  I have ample and enough but more tomorrow would be good and more the next day would be great.  Today is full of happy things that I want to continue each day.  Yes, more please...


Favorite Family Foods for List it Tuesday
1. Lasagna it's been requested as a gift & birthday dinners and just an all around favorite
2. Birthday cakes during November & December I used to bake for four different birthdays
3. Spam with mac n cheese I only recently discovered this combo and love it
4. Dare Slim Jims and Tijuana Mama my guilty pleasures
5. Hot dogs, sauerkrawt, fried potatoes and stewed tomatoes memory of my Mom's favorite meal when I was growing up


  1. Love the sense of movement created by the lines in your painting!
    Yes please, more love, more peace, more joy, more contentment!

  2. That is an excellent sentiment. And very cool and dynamic illustration!

  3. I love filling in spaces with lines. The energy in this drawing is wonderful! YES MORE!! ;)

  4. oh what a great piece Mary!!! love the details in this!!!

  5. what a fun piece, I like the lines and it reminds me of the meditating circle and how fitting as you mentioned meditation : ) Great energy!!!

  6. Love your artwork, and I would have to say lasagna is my best dish to make too!.. And it sounds GOOD! I haven't made it in a while, so I'm thinking I should pick up the ingredients!.. Nice to meet you through List It Tuesday! ~tina

  7. Oh fried potatoes and stewed tomatoes!!!! Love those...especially fresh from the garden!

  8. Oh, this piece is so creative! I used to doodle like these black lines, I vaguely remember. How cool.

    Lasagna is a biggie at my house, especially for birthdays. As a vegetarian, it would be a dish my family would eat and not miss meat! So I cooked it a lot! Ha!

    I love the four birthday cakes in two months ... your family clusters at the end of the year, do they?

  9. Your "full of happy things' day really came through in your drawing. I'm sure my husband would be quite happy with the #5 menu!
    visiting from list it tuesday.

  10. Love the flower. In quilty-land we call that echo quilitng. Nice homey food list too but sauerkraut, um no thanks... I hope every day is a happy day <:}

  11. I too love the lines in this piece. I thought of a labyrinth when I saw it.

  12. Great list and I lov your drawing. :) Never can go wrong with flowers. :)

  13. I understand the birthday bit. All 5 of us celebrate our days between December and February...two of us with 2 days of the other. Great list and great drawing!


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