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My Special Food Treat

Do you have that one special food treat that makes your day extra nice?  I used to get these cookies years ago around the holidays.  Once I started baking my own homemade I forgot about them.  While at the store looking for snack for the girls I saw them and remembered my fond memories.  A cup of tea, hot cocoa, milk or coffee went a long way with these by their side back in their day.  After experiencing them again I learned one valuable lesson, "They don't beat a great batch of home made."

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  1. beautiful sketch of them, I agree nothing beats home made but sometimes its nice to revisit old favs,

  2. That's for sure homemade are best...but who has time? hehe Sure love your drawing! xoxo

  3. Mmm....I love those cookies too, even though I can't eat them due to food intolerances. Great sketch!


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