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Meditative Doodling Guided Art Tour Part One

Let's dive into meditative doodling, you and me. Play along you know you want to.

1. Get yourself a pack of index cards, lined on one side and blank on the other.
2. Go ahead and splurge on the good container to keep them in or make yourself something special. I'm using a blue metal card holder there's something wonderful about both the color and the material that speaks to me. You'll know your container when you find it.
3. Any of your favorite doodle supplies pens, markers some people paint doodle that's fine too.  Buy some or pull out well used or unused whichever feels the best.
4. Set aside all your supplies and get out for a day or two and live life. When something captivates you remember it. I've done that with a cellphone draft text message while on the fly to help me remember. It could be something you saw, a song, something that was said anything that perks you up on a deeper level. Imagine a dog's ears shooting up out of a sound sleep, that's the inner you.

Got it? Have your supplies ready and let's get together Monday January 7th to build on this a little further.  

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