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Meditative Doodling Guided Art Tour Part Two

Have your puppy dog ears perked up and noted deeper level experiences? Good.  Don't know what I'm talking about read the first part of Meditative Doodling.

1. Whether it is one or a dozen captivations that you've remembered write them all individually on the lined side of each card.
2. When you have some YOU time alone to breath and think put on your comfy clothes, light your favorite candle, grab your favorite beverage do the things you love to do to relax then pull out a card, read it.
3. Flip the card over to the blank side. Stare into the blankness of the card and think about what is written below that blank page in front of you, how it feels, what it means to you. What were you doing when the thought presented itself, what made it special and interesting to you? Start with one line and draw don't question yourself. Be willing to draw what you see in your mind. You are right and what you are doing is the perfect illustration of that rightness.
4. Play as long as you like, add color if you want to. Don't logically question any of this, leave your thinking cap in the closet. When your done flip it back to the lined side and make simple notes of your inspiration and any deeper meanings you've acquired.
5. Tuck away your newly drawn treasure in your sacred storage place. Share it with no one. Feels good doesn't it?
You will do this daily, you want to, you deserve a moment to feel free and enjoy yourself.

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