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Healthy Growth and Stability

What things do we need to make us feel our healthy growth and stability today?  As I created this meditative doodle I furiously wrote these words in this order Love, Security, Affection, Time and Fun.  It's funny how fun didn't come to me so quickly, it's just not a high priority but essential none the less.  Gotta have fun and play once in a while right?  You may say love and affection are the same thing but let me assure you there are many people in life who are loved but do not experience affection.  Affection is as simple as listening and giving someone eye contact when they speak, a hug just for the hell of it, reassuring someone by holding their hand, acknowledging that person matters in your world.  Security is the feeling of safe well being knowing that you will not be hurt both physical or mentally as well as a sense of financial well being.  And finally time.  Time to do the things we enjoy in the life we live and not just exist but thrive.

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List It Tuesday Room Changes

1. Tighten two bathroom cabinet knobs (Done)
2. Replace one of the bathroom cabinet knobs after tightening too tight and breaking (it was glass)
3. Switch out coffee themed table cloth now *I want a cup of coffee* (Done replaced with girls choice pink plaid)
4. Wash the paint from Isabelle's art project off the family room vinyl table cover (Done sort of a lot stayed behind)
5. Make the girls beds (Done but undone while they played and tucked stuffed animals and baby dolls in)
6. Pick up the toys on the living room floor (Done but will need to be done again before bedtime)


  1. Live and thrive just like the flowers. Wonderful advise

  2. ahhhh.... motherhood and life. none of it is ever truly done. :)

  3. I love it...can you somehow blame Aimee for the broken glass knob? I'm sure she won't mind : )

  4. Some lovely design elements in this! Hooray for finishing things on a to-do list. (It seems I write lists more often than I actually accomplish things on lists. Haha.) And very much yes to Fun! Very important!

  5. glad you get time for some meditative doodling while you're at it! {:-D

  6. Love your outlook, your art and your list.. you are one real gal.

  7. Well written. :) Love your mandala doodle.


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