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Victorian House As My Mind Sees It

12-14-2012 I love to draw but I don't have much experience drawing things as I imagine them in my mind.  A lot of the things I draw come from reference images that I get creative with and change to suit my needs.  This wasn't about perfect line work, this was about being loose and free.  I've seen hundreds of Victorian houses in my lifetime this is the first time I asked myself to look within to draw one.  A lot can be learned from going to that deep dark cave of memory images and seeing what pops up.  Without looking at a reference photo draw yourself a Victorian House.

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  1. You've done a great job, such a sweet house. I have trouble drawing from memory, think most people do if their honest.

  2. I think I've dreamed about this house!

  3. Adorable house (with or without a reference, but very cool you went without)! Wonderful colors and cute little yard too!

  4. Amazing job just from your memory! You've added so many Victorian elements. Love the pink!

  5. I agree - it is a very happy, inviting place!

  6. Your drawing reminds me of a Victorian house I once lived in. Beautiful!


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