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Thinking Without Thinking

A little doodle play to start my day.  I was kind of zoning out I want to think of my next painting subject but don't want to obsess over it.  I like to wonder with a pen and hope for the best.  If nothing else it gives me something cute to look at in my doodle sketchbook.  Do you find it easier to plan an art project or just work intuitively?

Been there, done that my most extreme moments for List It Tuesday

1. Whipped cream fight with another woman
2. Rode in a small boat next to a pod of dolphins
3. Partied at a bar until closing time
4. Rode inside a car as it flipped over
5. Taken into police custody


  1. Spaced out doodles are the best kind. :)Love how it breaks out of the frame.

  2. I work intuitively...always. I have veered from every plan I ever tried to follow, so I finally decided it works best for me to just jump in and let the piece tell me what it wants to be. It's quite an adventure.

  3. Oh! And I meant to mention that I LOVE your doodle! Great colors!

  4. Love the doodle! Quite the list too! I have never seen dolphins and would love too be that close to one.
    Police custody! Would love to hear that story... Or maybe not (?)
    : )

  5. Great doodle, and a WILD list!! Holy crap!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Taken into custody now we all want to know; what for? LOL

  7. that's a wild and crazy list of done-thats! Like your doodle! {:-Deb

  8. I don't plan my art journal either...
    Great list... It reminded me i went on a whale watch and could almost touch the whales they were so close! I would love to have seen dolphins!

  9. You sound like one fun chica! Keep doodling, it's coooool and telling us more, more, more about your escapades...

  10. Great list and a very lovely doodle! I flip flop between planning out an art project and being very impulsive/intuitive.

  11. Your doodle is delicious!

    And the car flipping - me too. Ack. What a crazy experience that is. (Really, really unpleasant crazy experience.)

    Wonderful list.

  12. What a great doodle!! Love the colors, too. For me, it depends on the project.

    I would love to hear about each thing on your list!!! ;)

  13. What I wouldn't give to know the backstory on all these checklist items... I think you have a couple of novels waiting to be written. Or -- combine them all in one!

    Love the doodle composition and colors -- it reminds me of a combination of tole painting and the intricate designs on Portuguese pottery!

  14. Well police custody wasn't too bad not like an "It stays in Vegas" kind of moment I was with a friend who got pulled over and he had a bat in the car between the seats. The officer perceived it as a concealed weapon. I'm sure it's better to err on the side of caution for the police officer's sake. Thanks for everyone's fun comments it's great to hear from you!


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