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Pieces of Passage

11-29-2012 This is a scene from the art process that is rarely shared.  It's just as important as the working results to acknowledge that sometimes the piece just doesn't come together.  It's important to document this.  As these sat in a pile in the trash I realized that my accepting the defeat and stopping was important for my growth.  Don't be afraid to acknowledge and throw away the crap.  It opens up your mind to fresh new thoughts.

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  1. I wouldn't mind having those torn pieces of paper! I am sure they can be resurrected as a wonderful piece of art!!! Patsy from

  2. Good advice! I always want to hold on to everything...just in case. Silly.
    I bet your next one is fantastic.

  3. Like you, I think its important to document the things that work well and the things that don't... although I never thought about tearing something up into pieces that could be used in another mixed media project... Hmm... you've opened up new possibilities in my mind! ; )


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