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Little Chocolate Book With My Art Inspiring Words

Instead of going crazy stressing that I haven't been making great art I gave myself permission to have fun.  My "little chocolate book" is filled with pages overflowing with art inspiring words that I've written over the course of the last two years.  I love that they're not serious and maybe something bigger will come from this play exercise.  All I can do is lube up the engine with steady activity.

"Comforts" for List It Tuesday

1. A pile of art books on my lap while I sit in the back yard on the lawn chair in the sun reading them

2. Cup of tension tamer, sleepytime or peppermint tea depending on what the moment calls for

3. The moment when the pen tip hits the paper for the first line of a drawing that I know is going to be a good one

4. Driving 70 mph windows down hair blowing in the wind with the radio cranked to something crunchy and loud (Godsmack, Stone Sour, Theory of a Deadman etc)

5. Happy daughters


  1. So sweet! Nothing like a chocolate book to make your mouth water. :)

  2. A little chocolate book is sweet indeed...beautiful drawings and thoughtful list. Tension tamer tea and grinding loud rock music, such polar it!

  3. Sign me up for all of these!! Fab list! And thanks for the topic idea next week... I am so terrified of my junk drawer!

  4. oh i completely agree! except, for me, 4 would be riding a motorbike, not a car. not a fan of cars :)

  5. Love the art work! I agree with the pile of art books too.

  6. Sweet list and cute illustrations. A Chocolate book...yum!

  7. Peppermint tea...yummy!! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Beautiful and fun illustrations! And love the idea of a pile of art books. And tea. And wind in one's hair!

    Great list.

  9. Happy daughters sound essential, esp. if they're young. I love getting my Art Journaling magazine, and sitting down to read them! I need to get a subscription! {:-Deb

  10. Great list. I love the drawings!

  11. Nice list!!The best is happy daughters:)

  12. A cup of tea or anything hot is definitely a small comfort! :D


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