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Draw Something Soothing

11-01-2012 This is me in our living room doing my most soothing activity, drawing.  It's gotten me through stressful moments and always keeps me calm.  I wish I'd known sooner how well this stress management would work for me.  This was done in my Moleskine with colored pencils.  My pants are matching the couch I didn't think about that until I started pulling the colors, weird right? 

EDM 148


  1. They are just darker enough to see the difference. We won't lose you blending into the couch! Great capture of composition! Yes, it is soothing for me too!

  2. I love this - and totally agree with you about the benefits of drawing.

  3. Yes, you're so right about drawing being relaxing .... I wonder why I procrastinate so much when it comes to doing it! This is a very nice little study! nancy

  4. Great sketch! Drawings the best isn't it? :))) thanks for your comment on my blog! we lost the electric and its still not back but all is good:)

  5. a sketch of a sketch in progress, nice! :D


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