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Draw a Musical Instrument

11-05-2012  There is something about a musical instrument that captivates the imagination.  Those who can play want to pick it up every chance they get while those who haven't learned crave the experience.  Aurora calls them Tagarrs and Isabelle used to call them Tickatars either way I'm glad they are being raised in a home that loves music, dancing, art and fun.

EDM 17


  1. Niceeeeeee! I've always liked guitars (I have an electric one, and I might get an acoustic one someday) :)

  2. Boy, I couldn't have said it better myself. I love musical instruments too, even though my skills suck. ;)
    I love the texture in your illustration today.

  3. Love your drawing! I would have chosen it for the colour too ;-)

  4. wow you did a great job, mary. i find guitars are so hard to draw.


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