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Artists Inspired by Each Other

11-05-2012 Whether you love Pinterest or hate it I'm a believer that it is here to stay.  While surfing the net yesterday I came across my own work on their site.  Thanks to all the users that linked back to me.  I search engined "pinterest" to see if there were any more and found the albums listed at the bottom of this page. The two page spread below was the most popular and had gotten repinned quite a bit. I loved that one of the people found it inspiring for a quilt idea.

I've been inspired by other artists as well for example I made two art journal pages with ideas from paintings created by Kirstin McCulloh.  Her striped socks legs and the girl called Dreamer that she recently sold.  My versions don't look exactly like her work but close enough that I mark them as NP which for me means not to publish them here because they are not  my originals.


  1. Mary. You have inspired me. I have always wanted to be able to draw from my mind. But like anything else I do, I want perfect, as in picture perfect. You have inspired me to draw for color, shape, feelings, etc. And also like anything else, practice works wonders. I have the supplies and I think I'm going to try to draw something every day. Thanks.

  2. Hi Mary - I was just catching up on my blog reading when I saw your post! It took me a minute to realise that it was me you we talking about - I haven't finished my first coffee yet!

    But I wanted to say I am amazed + so happy that I can provide some inspiration to some one who inspires me so much! And I also wanted to say thank you for your discretion - so many others wouldn't have made that decision + wouldn't have cared.

    (but saying that I would love to see what you have done with her!! Maybe you could email a pic?)

    Anyway sorry for the long comment - it was a lovely way to wake up this morning! (And I totally agree about your comments regarding pinterest + finding inspiration there - as long as I set a timer for how long I am allowed on the site!!!)
    Kirstin x


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