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Show Me What You Got {Oct 17th to 23rd}

You've reached a closed SMWYG add your link to the New Week HERE.

Done something creative and fun? Share it! Every Wednesday I want to know what you wonderful artists, creatives, off the grid fun lovers are up to.  Not sure if you should link your page? Ask yourself, "Did I love making this?" If the answer is, "Yes." than this is where you belong.

You missed this weeks linkup. Thanks to Mari Carmen, Viv, Carolyn Dube and Jan at D & D for participating.


  1. Hi, Mary! Well, I have added my link but I don't know if I have done things in the right way. Please, tell me if there are something wrong because this is the first time I participate in something like that. Thank you very much.


  2. This is such a great idea! I am off to see what the other artists have created!


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